Why Buy Hasegawa?

Have you ever climbed to the top rung of a ladder and felt unsteady? With Hasegawa's 3-legged design, this is a thing of the past. 

At Main Street Mower, we carry several Hasegawa ladders for every occasion, from replacing a light bulb in your home to trimming your hedges. Want to learn more about the superior design of these ladders? Don't hesitate to drop a line or walk right in. We'll be pleased to meet you!

Hasewawa Ladders
  • Hand-welded structure

  • Extruded aluminum

  • Made with minimal material

  • 3-legged design 

  • Secured operator platform

  • Easy to manipulate

  • Conforms to ANSI Type 1A Standards

  • 6' - 19lbs

  • 8' - 24lbs

  • 10' - 30lbs 

  • 12' - 37lbs

  • 16' - 42lbs