How it Works

Main Street Mower prides itself in it's fast and hassle-free service. We believe in providing our customers with one less thing to worry about.

If the job will take less than an hour, we'll do it on the spot while you kick back, grab a soda from the vending machine, and watch us work.

If it's a longer job, you can drop off your power product with our expert employees, and we'll text you when your item has been repaired! It is that simple.


Hourly Rate:    $95

Welding: Minimum 1hr. needed

Estimate Fee:    $25 {STIHL & Push Mowers}

Estimate Fee:    $45 {Zero Turn Mowers}




How it Works

Main Street Mower offers a wide selection of lawn care and landscape equipment such as Dingos, Augers, Stump grinders, Sod Cutters, and trenchers.

Our customer's connivence has always been our top priority and to facilitate that, we offer our rental services on a Daily, Weekly & Monthly basis. All prices listed below. 

Prices listed below do not include fees. Additional fees applies over renting costs. Visit or call our store for more details.