Why Buy Toro?

When we think Toro, we think top performance in three areas: durability, support, and quality of cut. Their use of high-grade steel, outstanding customer service, and extremely clean finished cuts make them our best-selling brand for mowers. 

At Main Street Mower, we carry several types of homeowner and commercial models and offer full servicing and repair of any Toro mower - whether we sold it to you or not. Want to learn more? Don't hesitate to drop a line or walk right in. We'll be pleased to meet you!

TORO Timecutter  Mower
  • Tough 7-gauge deck

  • 50k yield-strength steel

  • Cast steel spindle housing

  • Parker Hydro System

  • Solid, semi-pneumatic tires

  • Next-day on all parts

  • Responsive sales reps

  • Largest mowing R&D in the world

  • Powerful deck vacuum

  • Excellent Dispersion (2.5 deck lengths)

  • Cleaner finished product