Comparison showdown between Toro Timecutter and Bad Boy ZT Elite mowers in lush field.

Toro vs. Bad Boy: A Lawn Mower Showdown for the Ages

Welcome to another episode from Main Street Mower! Today, we're diving deep into the heart of mower comparisons, specifically looking at the Toro Time Cutter and the Bad Boy ZT Elite. This topic is a hot one in the community, and I've heard all your feedback loud and clear. Let's settle this debate with a real-world test in some of the toughest mowing conditions out there.

The Test Setup

We took both mowers down to our test facility in Winter Garden, Florida, where we encountered some of the gnarliest cattle grass around. This type of grass, if left untamed, can shoot up to chest height and has a texture rough as sawgrass. It’s brutal on mowers—ripping and wrapping around anything in its path.

Despite these harsh conditions, it was clear that this was the perfect setting to test these machines. Neither the Time Cutter nor the ZT Elite was expected to perform flawlessly in one pass, given the toughness of the terrain. Yet, it was crucial to see which mower handled this challenging environment with greater ease and efficiency.

Performance on Harsh Terrain

As we started the mowers, it was immediately clear that this was no ordinary mowing job. Both mowers tackled the tall, tough grass, but there were noticeable differences.

Bad Boy ZT Elite

The Bad Boy ZT Elite, equipped with a Kohler engine, managed to cut through the grass effectively. However, it was considerably louder and felt a bit rough when driving. It's a larger machine, likely more suitable for those who prefer a robust, no-nonsense approach to mowing.

Toro Time Cutter

In contrast, the Toro Time Cutter, with its 50-inch deck and Kawasaki engine, not only did the job with similar efficacy but also won in terms of comfort and overall feel. It was quieter, making the mowing experience more pleasant, and felt less taxing to maneuver through the rough patches.

The Ultimate Test: Plowing Through a Pile of Grass

For the sake of thorough testing, we decided to take things a step further. Driving straight into a massive pile of nasty sawgrass was not something typically recommended with residential mowers, but it was a perfect opportunity to push these mowers to their limits.

Both mowers handled the challenge without shutting down. The Toro Time Cutter stood out, however, by feeling more capable of taking on this type of abuse regularly. It cut through the nasty pile smoother and seemed better designed for this kind of tough job.

Why Toro Gained My Favor

Here’s the deal—both mowers effectively make tall grass short, but the overall experience with Toro was simply better. From the way it handled the harsh terrain to its ease of operation and quieter performance, the Time Cutter felt like a mower that I could spend all day riding without feeling worn out.

Furthermore, Toro's commitment to customer support and satisfaction adds more value to their brand. In my experience, Toro machines are easier to maintain and seldom run into hydraulic issues, a testament to their durability and thoughtful engineering.


Choosing the right mower boils down to personal preference and the specific needs of your lawn. However, if you're looking for a machine that handles tough mowing jobs with ease, offers comfort, and operates smoothly, the Toro Time Cutter is an excellent choice. For all the hard-working folks out there dealing with rugged terrain, the Time Cutter not only gets the job done—it makes it a more enjoyable experience. So, if you ever find yourself in a mower debate, remember this real-world test. Toro came out on top, not just in performance but also in providing a more pleasant mowing journey.

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