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The best handheld blowers in the market right now.

STIHL BG50, BG56C, and BG86. Head to Head, at Main Street Mower.

STIHL Toys for the Little Helpers

Foster a love for working in the outdoors and a respect for the tools it takes to get the job done with our line of STIHL toys that are built to help your kids feel like they're taking on the work with Real STIHL.

 A Fun Way to Branch Out Building a treehouse is a fun project to do together, and the joy continues once it's complete. It’s a way to give your kids an outdoor space that’s just for them and they can use it for multiple things. It’s a clubhouse for their friends to hang out in, a space of their own to relax outside, or with the right amount of imagination, it could be a pirate ship, a rocket and more. You’ll find what you need to build one and how to build it below.


Winterizing your pressure washer is necessary to prevent water from freezing in the pump, as frozen water could permanently damage it. If your pressure washer is to be stored for two months or more, some precautions need to be taken.

Winterizing the Pump: First, disconnect all the hoses and the gun and wand assembly from the pressure washer, draining as much water as possible. For optimal results, use the STIHL Pump Conditioner and Winterizer. Attach the pump winterizer directly to the water inlet. Turn the knob on the bottle to the open position. Pull on the cord several times with switch/lever in OFF position until the liquid coming out is 100 percent solution.

Winterizing the Engine: Add a quality fuel stabilizer to fresh gasoline. Run the engine for 2-3 minutes to get stabilized fuel into the fuel system. Store the unit in a clean, dry place.

Where to store: Now your winterizing is complete and it is safe to store your pressure washer in a garage or building that does not freeze.