BEST Handheld Blowers Comparison - STIHL BG Series | Which one is Better?

The best handheld blowers in the market right now. STIHL BG50, BG56C, and BG86. Head to Head, at Main Street Mower.

Tune in to find out which one of these industry leaders is the best FOR YOU and your business.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Products Reviewed in the video

- STIHL BG 50 Blower. The lightest gasoline-powered handheld blower in the STIHL lineup. We call it the Residential Starter Unit.

- STIHL BG 56C Blower. An easy-to-use handheld blower with a simplified starting system. We call it the Semi-Pro Home Owner Unit.

- STIHL BG 86. Most powerful gasoline-powered handheld blower, designed for landscaping professionals. We call it the Professional Unit.

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