BEST Handheld Blowers Comparison - STIHL BG Series | Which one is Better?

Unveiling the Stellar Performance of Stihl BG Series: A Comprehensive Review

If you're in the market for a reliable, powerful handheld blower, the Stihl BG series might just have what you need. From the economically savvy BG 50 to the feature-rich professional model BG 86, Stihl offers a range of options to suit varying needs and budgets. Let’s dive deep into what each model offers, and help you pick the perfect tool for keeping your driveway, porch, or landscape in pristine condition.

BG 50: The Affordable Powerhouse

The Stihl BG 50 is the most budget-friendly option in the series but doesn’t skimp on power. Released as a successor to the BG 55, this model retains a robust performance with a simplified design, lacking some of the more advanced features of its pricier siblings but still packing a punch where it counts. With a 27.2 CC engine and air velocity of 134 mph, it generates sufficient force to handle tasks around a smaller property effectively. Ideal for first-time homeowners, this model combines cost-effectiveness with reliable functionality, making it a go-to for basic yard maintenance.

Distinguished Features:

  • Toggle On/Off Switch: Easy to use, with clear markings for ignition and shutdown.
  • Simple Choke Operation: Easily accessible and manageable, even for beginners.
  • Standard Air Filtration: Utilizes a felt-style filter, adequate for keeping large debris at bay.

BG 56: Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

Stepping up in the series, the BG 56 introduces enhancements that cater to a more frequent user who values comfort and a bit of extra power. The engine mirrors the BG 50’s specifications, but ease of use is elevated through ergonomic improvements and user-friendly features. It’s excellent for those with slightly larger areas to maintain, offering a good balance between performance and convenience.

Distinguished Features:

  • Spring-Loaded Starting System: Reduces the effort needed to start the machine, a boon for those with less upper body strength.
  • Adjustable Tube Length: Customizes the blower’s reach to suit the user’s height and preference, enhancing maneuverability and comfort.
  • Always-On Switch: Eliminates the hassle of the engine being accidentally turned off mid-use.

BG 86: The Professional’s Choice

For the landscaping professional or the discerning homeowner, the BG 86 offers top-tier performance with all the bells and whistles expected from a professional-grade tool. Its engine boosts the same CC as the BG 56 but optimizes the output for a more powerful airflow, achieving speeds up to 156 mph.

Distinguished Features:

  • Anti-Vibration System: Minimizes the strain on arms and hands, allowing for longer use without fatigue.
  • Cruise Control: Locks the speed setting, reducing the need to constantly engage the throttle.
  • High-Quality Muffler: Provides a quieter operation, making it less disruptive in residential areas.
  • Professional Air Filtration System: Ensures the engine breathes easily, enhancing longevity and performance.

Why Choose Stihl BG Series?

Whether you’re a professional landscaper in need of a reliable backup tool or a homeowner seeking an efficient way to manage yard debris, the Stihl BG series has a model that can meet your needs. Here are a few reasons why Stihl could be your go-to choice:

  • Versatility: With models tailored from basic to advanced needs, Stihl covers a wide spectrum of functionalities.
  • Ergonomic Design: Features like adjustable tubes, anti-vibration systems, and easy-start functions focus on user comfort and efficiency.
  • Durability: Known for reliability, Stihl’s engines and parts offer longevity and robust performance, even with regular use.


Understanding the subtleties that differentiate the BG 50, BG 56, and BG 86 can significantly impact your decision-making process. Whether you opt for the straightforward, robust BG 50, the comfortable and slightly more advanced BG 56, or the professional-grade BG 86, Stihl’s BG series is engineered to perform. These tools are more than just blowers; they are investments in your property’s aesthetics and upkeep. Choose wisely and watch as your landscaping tasks become more manageable and less time-consuming. Happy blowing!

The best handheld blowers in the market right now. STIHL BG50, BG56C, and BG86. Head to Head, at Main Street Mower.

Tune in to find out which one of these industry leaders is the best FOR YOU and your business.

  • STIHL BG 50 Blower. The lightest gasoline-powered handheld blower in the STIHL lineup. We call it the Residential Starter Unit.
  • STIHL BG 56C Blower. An easy-to-use handheld blower with a simplified starting system. We call it the Semi-Pro Home Owner Unit.
  • STIHL BG 86. Most powerful gasoline-powered handheld blower, designed for landscaping professionals. We call it the Professional Unit.

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