Best Lawn Edger Blades - Field Testing to find the real costs of running each blade.

Following on from the Part 1 of our 'Best Edger Blades' series, comes the dynamic, exciting, and totally crazy Part 2: the testing of the best edger blades in the market.

In this video, Stu & Chip take the best edger blades out to the field and put a mile on each one of them, in order to derive how much do they cost you to run per mile.

So tune in, sit back, and enjoy!

You can check out the stats and our results on this image, here:



(1) Oregon 8" X 1" X .120", Economy, Edger Blade (Part# 40-139)
- High carbon steel (not heat treated) blade.

(2) Rotary 7-11/16" X 1" Unsharpened Edger Blade (Part # 6107)
- Hardened Balde.

(3) STIHL Edger Blade
- Heavy duty 3.8 mm thick blade.

(4) Rotary 8" X 1" Star Blade (Part # 6276)
- Quad Style Blade

(5) Golden Edge Edger Blade
- Carbide Edging Blade

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