Best 'POLE SAW' Guide for Beginners/Home Owners | Silky vs Notch vs Corona vs STIHL

Tune in to find out the best Manual Polesaw options available in the market right now, and also learn basic techniques and best practices to get started in correctly using this versatile tool. In this video, Stu discusses popular blades such as the Hayauchi and Hayate Blades, and compares popular brands such as Silky, Notch, Stihl and Corona.

TIP: Watch till the end to find out a combination that gives you up to 35 feet of reach!

Pole saws can prove to be a vital tool in the arsenal of any landscaper, and even homeowners, that need to reach up to cut high branches while remaining safely on the ground.

While it’s basically a chainsaw attached to a long pole, a pole saw holds the blade securely, letting you reach up to cut branches while remaining safely on the ground. To find out which pole saws perform the best, we field-tested some of the best options on the market.

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