CUT your gardening time in HALF! | How to use Toro Dingo & BUCKET Attachment

The TORO DINGO is one of the best compact utility loaders on the market right now. Chip demonstrates how you can master this mini skid steer, to elevate your lawn or your business, specially by using the versatile BUCKET attachment.

Tune in to find out important operational information about the TORO DINGO, like controls, attaching techniques, grading method, scooping loads, and much more.

We promise that after watching this video, you wont ever have to look at another video on this topic!

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(1) Toro Dingo® TX 1000 [ Model: 22327 ]
(2) Toro 4-1 Bucket Attachment [ Model: 22478 ]

You can browse these products on our online store, here:

Toro siteworks

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