ESSENTIAL items every LANDSCAPER needs on their TRUCK

As a landscaper, you can never be too prepared. With all your machinery loaded up on your truck, here's the OTHER little stuff that you might want on your landscape truck.

After interviewing the 10 top landscapers that visit our shop, we have come up with this extensive list of things that will help your business reach that next level of efficiency and service.

Essential Non-Equipment Items Every Landscaper Needs on Their Truck

In the rugged and unpredictable world of landscaping, success often hinges on being prepared for any situation. While the right lawnmower or trimmer is crucial, many other tools and items can significantly enhance your efficiency and safety on the job. Based on insights from top landscapers, here is a comprehensive list of essential non-equipment items every landscaper should carry in their truck.

Tire Plugs

A simple tire plug can save your day when faced with a punctured tire. These slim, round plugs allow you to quickly repair a hole in your tire without heading back to the shop. This can prevent uneven cuts and costly downtime. Tire plug kits are readily available on Amazon, at local auto shops like Napa, and even at specialty stores for around $20. Becoming proficient in their use is straightforward and highly beneficial.

Impact Gun

Having an impact gun with appropriate sockets (15/16, 3/4, 13/16) can make tasks like removing tire bolts and blades much safer and efficient. Brands like DeWalt and Milwaukee offer user-friendly models that are invaluable for avoiding the dangers associated with manual tools like wrenches. Including a couple of crescent wrenches and a basic ratchet set can further enhance your ability to perform necessary adjustments on-site.

Leatherman Multi-Tool and Knife

A Leatherman multi-tool, like the Leatherman Wave, is a versatile and indispensable tool for any landscaper. Whether cutting through ropes or vines caught in blades, or performing minor repairs, this tool can save both time and money. Carrying a dedicated knife as well can help handle tougher tangles that might otherwise compromise your equipment.


A durable rope, around 50 feet long, can be a multi-functional tool on any landscaping job. From pulling a truck out of mud to guiding a falling tree, the applications are numerous. Investing in a strong, reliable rope is a small price to pay for the immense utility it offers.

Steel Tools: Scrunch and Screwdrivers

Carry essential steel tools, such as a scrunch (a combination screwdriver and wrench) in both flathead and star bit (T27) forms. These can help with various equipment tweaks, such as changing out a rewind cord or swapping hedge trimmer heads, ensuring that minor issues don't derail your entire day.

Jumper Cables and Spare Trailer Tire

Always have a pair of jumper cables and a spare trailer tire on hand. These items ensure that a dead battery or flat tire won't leave you stranded, thus preserving your schedule and client commitments.

Air Pump

An electric air pump, either battery-powered or one that plugs into your truck's cigarette lighter, is an essential item. It enables you to maintain the proper tire pressure on both your truck and mowers, especially crucial if you need to plug a tire.

Hand Loppers

A small pair of hand loppers can tidy up stray branches and overgrowth, adding a professional finish to your work. Keeping these tools accessible ensures that you can manage minor trimming tasks efficiently, even if they fall outside your standard scope of work.

Trash Bags

Black trash bags are essential for collecting and disposing of clippings and debris, keeping the job site clean and client properties looking their best. They also prevent unsightly piles that can damage lawns and upset neighbors.

PVC Pipe Parts

Stock some basic PVC pipe parts and glue to quickly address sprinkler head damage or other minor irrigation issues without disrupting your workflow. Having these parts on hand can save a trip back to the client’s property and prevent water damage from leaks.

Personal Safety and Protection

Eye Protection

Protective eyewear is a must to guard against both impact and sun damage. Ensuring that your eyes are shielded from harmful UV rays while working outdoors can prevent long-term damage.

Cooler with Water

Hydration is critical, especially under the sun. A cooler filled with water is essential to keep you and your team hydrated and healthy, reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses.


Sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or 50 should be part of every landscaper’s daily routine to protect against skin cancer and other sun-related damage. Apply generously on exposed skin, including arms, nose, and ears.

Wasp Spray and After Bite

Wasp and bee stings are common hazards. Keeping wasp spray and after bite treatment on hand allows you to deal with nests safely and treat stings immediately.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit, including Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, Neosporin, and tweezers, is vital. Having the basics to clean and bandage minor injuries ensures you can continue working safely.

Toilet Paper or Dude Wipes

For those moments when nature calls at inconvenient times, keeping toilet paper or dude wipes accessible is a practical necessity.

Rain Gear

A set of rain gear can keep you dry and comfortable when unexpected weather hits, allowing you to finish necessary tasks without becoming soaked and miserable.

Extra Socks

An extra pair of socks can make a significant difference in comfort, especially if your feet become wet. Keeping your feet dry helps prevent blisters and other discomforts.

Narcan Nasal Spray

In today’s climate where contact with dangerous substances like fentanyl is a real risk, especially in certain areas, carrying Narcan nasal spray can be a lifesaver. This over-the-counter medication can prevent overdosing in emergency situations, providing peace of mind.


Being well-prepared with these non-equipment essentials can drastically improve your efficiency, safety, and professionalism on the job. Each item, while seemingly minor, can prevent significant disruptions and ensure that you and your team can work effectively and safely. By integrating these tools and practices, you'll be better equipped to handle the various challenges that come your way in the landscaping business.

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