Everything you need to know about Trailers - Trailers 101 - Hookup, Lights, Tires, and Loading

Main Street Mower presents to you the ONLY TRAILER VIDEO YOU WILL EVER NEED. Join our trailer expert, Grant, as he takes you through a comprehensive ride in the world of trailers.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing, Hooking Up, and Maintaining Trailers

Welcome to our comprehensive guide where we dive into the ins and outs of selecting, securing, and maintaining your trailer. Whether you’re a seasoned hauler or new to the world of trailers, understanding the right procedures and maintenance can vastly improve your towing experience. Let’s get started with how to choose the right trailer, securely hook it up to your truck, and ensure it remains in tip-top condition.

Choosing the Right Trailer

Finding the perfect trailer for your needs is paramount. At Main Street Mowers, we offer a variety of trailers from a compact 4x8 to a substantial large gooseneck. The selection varies, and you can always order specific models to match your requirements. Remember, selecting the right size and type of trailer is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your transportation needs.

Hooking up Your Trailer

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Your Trailer

Hooking up a trailer might seem daunting at first, especially if you’re doing it alone. However, with practice and the right technique, it becomes a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Aligning the Truck and Trailer: Start by backing your truck up to the trailer. Use a backup camera if available, or have a friend guide you to align the truck’s hitch with the trailer’s coupler.

  2. Attaching the Coupler: Ensure the trailer ball and coupler sizes match. Lower the trailer onto the ball until it’s secure. Lock the coupler and insert the safety pin to prevent it from slipping off during transit.

  3. Securing Electrical Connections: Connect the trailer’s electrical system to the truck, ensuring you use the correct plug (either a 4-pin or 7-pin connector). This connection powers your trailer’s brake lights and turn signals.

  4. Crossing the Safety Chains: It’s essential to cross the safety chains under the tongue of the trailer for added security and compliance with transportation laws.

  5. Attaching the Breakaway Cable: This safety feature activates the trailer’s brakes automatically if the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle. Attach it separately from the safety chains.

Loading the Trailer

Loading your trailer correctly is critical for maintaining balance and ensuring safe handling during transit. When loading equipment, center the weight adequately:

  • Avoid Overloading the Tongue: Placing too much weight on the tongue can overload the tow vehicle’s rear axle, affecting steering and braking.

  • Distribute Weight Evenly: Ensure the load does not shift the weight too far back, which can cause the trailer to sway uncontrollably.

Using a vehicle level to check that your tow vehicle remains level once loaded can indicate proper weight distribution.

Maintenance Checks Before Departure

Prior to hitting the road, performing a series of checks can prevent accidents and ensure a smooth journey:

  • Light Inspection: Confirm that all signals, brake lights, and side marker lights are functioning correctly.

  • Tire and Pressure Check: Always ensure tires are not overly worn and are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended PSI. Check the sidewalls for cracks and the tread for adequate depth.

  • Wheel Bearings: Inspect and, if necessary, repack wheel bearings to prevent failures on the road.


Taking the time to select the right trailer, properly hook it up, and perform routine checks can greatly enhance your towing experience. Remember, at Main Street Mowers, we’re here to assist you with all your trailer needs, from purchasing to maintenance. Whether you’re in Winter Garden, Clermont, or Ocala, our team is ready to support you. Enjoy your trailering adventures, tow safely, and don’t hesitate to reach out for any assistance or advice—your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities!

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