Get your Toro GrandStand up and running fast! Our step-by-step video shows you how in under one minute.

Starting Your Toro GrandStand: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting your Toro GrandStand mower shouldn't be a struggle, whether you're a seasoned landscaping pro or gearing up for the first cut of the season. Let's break down the process into simple steps to get your mower running smoothly.

Prep Your Mower

Before anything else, ensure your mower is set up to start safely and effectively.

  • Engage the Parking Brake: Always start with the parking brake. Make sure it's fully engaged to prevent any unintended movement.
  • Handle Position: Check that the handles are in their uppermost position. This ensures that the controls are in the correct position to start.

Check Your Controls

A quick check of your mower’s controls can save you from startup troubles.

  • PTO Switch: This should be off. Remember, the mower won’t start if the blades are engaged. Look for the button side with no symbols and press it.
  • Throttle Setting: Set the throttle to three-quarters. With an EFI engine, you don't need to choke, so skip this part and get ready to start the engine.

Start Your Engine

Now, with everything set, you're ready to crank the engine.

  • Turn the Key: Simply turn the key to start your Toro GrandStand mower. It should fire up with ease, especially since it's equipped with an EFI system which enhances the start-up process.


Starting your Toro GrandStand mower is straightforward if you follow these steps. Regular checks and maintenance can keep your starting process smooth and hassle-free every time. Enjoy a successful mowing session with your efficiently started Toro GrandStand!

Product Discussed In The Video

  • GrandStand 52" (132 cm) 25 HP 747cc EFI (74519) (Discontinued)

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