New KMA 120 R and KMA 80 R - Stihl KombiMotor Systems

STIHL'S LAUNCHING NEW PRODUCTS! And Main Street Mower is going to bring you all of them, before anyone else.

In this exclusive 1st look video, Stu unboxes the brand new KMA 120 R and KMA 80 R Kombisystem. He also compares these new versatile multi-task tools to the existing best selling unit in their category, the KMA 135 R.

All 3 of these units can fit gas, as well as battery attachment, making them the perfect motor system for all your string trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmer, pruners and other lawn care tools.

Tune in to find out which one fits your needs and budget the best.


(1) STIHL KMA 120 R Battery KombiMotor

(2) STIHL KMA 80 R Battery KombiMotor

(3) STIHL KMA 135 R Battery KombiMotor

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