Quietest Leaf Blower - Gas vs Battery Leaf Blowers

Battery leaf blowers are quiet, we all know that. But how quiet are they? And are there any Gas blowers that produce low noise? Tune in to find out the answers to all these questions.

In this quick testing video, Stu calculates the decibel ratings of the best backpack and handheld blowers available in the market in 2024.

Comparing Stihl's Quiet Blower Options: Gas vs. Battery

When you need quiet equipment for early morning work, a contract that demands low noise, or simply to keep peace with neighbors, Stihl offers several blower options that fit the bill. But which one is the quietest? Let’s find out.

Why Quiet Equipment Matters

There are many reasons to opt for quieter tools. Early morning work, noise-sensitive contracts, or a sleeping baby at home all call for equipment that keeps the noise down. Both battery and gas blowers have their noisy and quieter components. Battery models eliminate engine noise but still create sound from air movement, while gas models often have noise-canceling features that many people aren't aware of.

Stihl's Battery Blowers

BGA 60

The BGA 60 is a popular battery option from Stihl. It eliminates engine noise and is generally quieter than traditional gas blowers. However, it still generates some noise from moving air.

BGA 300

The BGA 300 also promises quiet operation and is a step up from its siblings in terms of battery life and power. But how does it compare to its gas counterparts?

Stihl's Low-Noise Gas Blowers

BR 500

The BR 500 is a gas blower featuring noise-canceling foam and silencers. It's designed to be almost as quiet as battery models, if not quieter.

BG 66

The BG 66 is another gas option equipped with features to reduce noise. It aims to provide a quieter operation without sacrificing the power and reliability of gas engines.

Testing the Blowers

To see which blower is the quietest, we used a decibel meter app to measure the noise levels from 50 feet away. Here are the results:

Battery Test Results

  • BGA 60: This model kicked off the test. It was quieter than many might expect but still made noticeable noise from air movement.
  • BGA 300: Slightly quieter than the BGA 60, but still not completely silent.

Gas Test Results

  • BG 66: Surprisingly quiet, it seemed to outperform the battery models in terms of noise reduction.
  • BR 500: Also impressively quiet, and potentially quieter than the battery models.

Standard Gas Equipment for Reference

  • BG 50: Traditional gas blower, much noisier.
  • BR 700: Another standard gas model, also quite loud.


Both of Stihl’s low-noise gas models, the BG 66 and BR 500, performed exceptionally well in our tests. They proved to be as quiet, if not quieter, than the battery options. This performance is impressive, especially considering the power and reliability that gas models offer.

If noise is your primary concern, don't overlook Stihl's gas blowers. They may just surprise you with how silent and effective they can be.

That’s it for today’s look at Stihl’s quiet blower options. Have any questions? Drop them in the comments below. And don't forget to like and subscribe for more in-depth reviews and tests.

Stay tuned for next week’s post. Let’s keep the noise down and the work efficient!


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