Reach HIGH Tree Branches EASILY! - Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler

Want to reach those high tree branches in your yard? For setting up a swing, or trimming a tree, or for just simply hanging around? Look no further, we have found the coolest product for you. The DTX Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler.

Used in energy companies for maintenance and rescue, as well as the arborist community, the Shoulder Shot can launch a 10 or 12oz throw weight a vertical distance of 250+ feet with high accuracy.

Made from solid stainless steel and all non corrosive material, the shoulder shot also features a built in, spring loaded safety on the valve release handle that prevents any accidental miss fires. The air chamber can be refilled very quickly with a handheld air pump or small compressor.


(1) DTX Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler
SKU: DTX061917175671702

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