STIHL's 2024 Product Catalogue - Going over ALL THE NEW Products!

Explore the Latest Innovations in the 2024 STIHL Catalog

Hi guys, Stu here from Main Street Mower. We're excited to dive into the 2024 STIHL catalog, freshly released with a plethora of updates and new products to enhance your toolset for the coming year. Whether you're a STIHL aficionado or a curious newcomer, let's explore what's new and notable in STIHL's latest offerings.

Fresh Beginnings with Modular Battery Systems

STIHL continues to innovate in the cordless tool market, introducing changes to their battery product lines. Notably, the AI family is phased out in favor of the new modular AS battery system, improving versatility and user experience. The AS2 battery now supports multiple tools, including the new GTA 26 pruner, marking it a significant shift towards more flexible power solutions.

Transitioning to New Models

The FSA 45 trimmer is replaced by the sharper, more efficient FSA 30, using the AS2 battery system. This change allows easier battery exchanges, enhancing convenience for users. The lineup also includes two new hedge trimmers, the HSA 30 and HSA 40, boasting 18in and 20in blade lengths respectively, ensuring that both performance and precision are at your fingertips.

Expansion of the AK Range

For those familiar with STIHL’s products, the AK battery family isn't new, but it welcomes several exciting additions, including commercial-grade units like the FS80 and FCA80. These tools feature a robust build from the gearbox to the motor, accommodating the AK battery system in various configurations.

Spotlight on New AK Battery Versions

An intriguing development in the AK series is the introduction of the AK30 S battery, hinting at improved run times, a boon for extensive use in larger landscapes.

The Robust AP Product Family

STIHL’s AP series also gets a refresh, focusing on high-performance tools compatible with a broad range of accessories. Notable additions include the powerful FSA 120 and FSA 200 trimmers, designed for heavier duty tasks with enhanced torque and wider cutting swaths.

Introducing New Mowers and More

A unique introduction is the 25in mowing deck featuring swivel wheels for superior maneuverability and an adjustable handle for ergonomic operation, which derives from STIHL's longstanding innovation in the mower market under the Viking brand in Europe.

Moreover, the AP family welcomes the HTA 150 fixed-length pole saw with weather-resistant features, and the robust SGA 85 battery sprayer, which supports extensive use with its durable build and precise application controls.

Innovative Concepts and Smart Solutions

STIHL isn’t just about power tools; they're also paving the way in smart equipment management. One of the standout innovations is a new battery accessory setup that helps manage charging for multiple units without overloading circuits - a great addition for professional settings.

Navigating Through Comprehensive Product Ranges

For those digging deeper, the catalog provides exhaustive details on each product, including specifications and compatible accessories, making it easier for engineers and technical enthusiasts to find exactly what they need.


The 2024 STIHL catalog is more than just a list of products; it’s a comprehensive guide to the latest in tool efficiency and innovation designed to meet the demands of both professionals and homeowners alike. From battery systems revolutionizing the way we work to new models that continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in yard maintenance, STIHL proves again why they’re leaders in the industry.

As we continue to test and explore these new offerings, stay tuned for more detailed reviews and hands-on demonstrations to help you choose the best tools for your needs. Here’s to a productive year ahead with STIHL!

Feel free to drop your questions and ideas for future reviews in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more updates from Main Street Mower. Happy mowing, cutting, and trimming!

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