String Trimmer Heads - Everything you Need To Know! Decoding Myths

Everything you need to know about String Trimmer Line heads, in STU minutes! Join Stu as he discusses the most practical and popular kinds of Trimmer Line Heads. However, thats not it. We also discuss different sizes of line thickness, steps to replace lines, procedure to replace trimmer heads, and most importantly the myths surrounding the trimmer line head industry.

Specifically, we discuss two myths in this video. (1) The amount of line that could fit in speed feed line heads, and (2) the maximum thickness of line that STIHL Duro Cut 20.2 accommodates.

Trimmer Line Heads discussed in the Video:

  • STIHL Auto Cut 25.2,
  • STIHL Duro Cut 20.2,
  • STIHL Auto Cut 26.2,
  • Rotary Speed Feed Fast-Loading Trimmer Head
  • Rotary Speed Feed Trimmer Head (smaller)
  • STIHL Fix Cut 31.2
  • STIHL Super Cut 20.2

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