STRONGEST BATTERY Backpack Blower Yet! - How the STIHL BGA 300 compares to Gas Blowers?

The product that the Landscaping industry has been eagerly waiting for is finally here! The STIHL BGA 300 Battery powered BackPack Blower is not only the first, but also the strongest battery blower yet in the STIHL lineup.

In this review video, Stu goes over all the new features, and the ones borrowed from the gas models, on the BGA 300. Tune in as we compare the performance, noise, run time and even weight of this battery backpack blower to the more traditional gas blowers. Together, let's answer the hottest question in the industry: Is it time to switch to battery powered landscaping products?

With its high-performance brushless motor, and three power levels plus a boost mode, the BGA 300 delivers a powerful 26 Newtons blowing force and 192 MPH air speeds for heavy-duty clearing of both dry and wet debris in a virtually maintenance-free package. With the AR 3000 L backpack battery, the BGA 300 delivers up to 140 minutes of performance. Additionally, the Noise Reduction System provides 360-degree noise reduction that is perfect for noise-sensitive areas.


(1) STIHL BGA 300 Battery Backpack Blower

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