Stihl KW-KM PowerSweep

StihlSKU: 4601 740 4900

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The STIHL PowerSweep™ attachment for the KombiSystem removes caked dirt, pebbles and even water from your path.

If it’s in your way, politely ask it to leave with the KW-MM PowerSweep™ attachment for the STIHL KombiMotor. Part of the STIHL KombiSystem, this powerful attachment features heavy-duty rubber flaps, acting like a squeegee on steroids. It cleans up caked dirt along roads and sidewalks, moves pebbles and sand from grassy turf, and even removes water and light snow from hard flat surfaces.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications Value
Tool Power sweep
Weight 1) 7,4 kg
Overall length 125 cm

1) Without engine

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