2023's BEST Battery Blowers: How Ego vs STIHL vs Kobalt vs TORO vs SKIL vs Craftsman compare


In this comparison video, Stu pits the best and the strongest battery powered handheld leaf blowers in 2023, against each other.

From their fuel efficiency, to their air force, to their clean up speed and their run time, we put these blowers to their paces through some real world testing designed in labs here at Main Street Mower.

The star lineup for this contest is -


- EGO 56V Power+

- TORO 60V Max

- Kobalt 24v Max

- Kobalt 40v Max

- Skil 40V PWRCORE40

- Craftsman V20 Axial

Tune in to find out which one of these Blowers comes out as the BEST IN 2023.


Contest Results & Blower Specs Chart

Best Battery Blower Comparison Chart
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