Best Brush Cutter Blades for String Trimmers - Complete Guide - Review, Tests and Demonstration!

Having the proper tool for the job can make all the difference. Join Stu, as he breaks down all the features and compares the best Brush Cutter Blades, appropriate for even the most challenging landscaping job.

In this video, we dive deep into the applications, features, and drawbacks of different Brush Cutter blades, and also test their practical efficiency by putting them through different landscape conditions like grass, brush and wood.

Products Reviewed in the video (in order of appearance)

(1) STIHL Grass Cutting Blade
- Reversible steel quadruple blade. For working on large areas of tough grass.

(2) STIHL Grass Cutting Blade 2
- Steel blade with 8 teeth. For mowing thick dry grass and reeds.

(3) STIHL Brush Knife Blade
- Steel triple blade. For trimming and removing tough, tangled grass, scrub, and thorny bushes.

(4) STIHL Circular Saw Blade - Chisel Tooth
- Special steel tool for midrange brush-cutters and upwards. For gnarled bushes, thin tree trunks, sawing and clearing.

(5) STIHL Circular Saw Blade - Scratcher Tooth
- Special steel tool for midrange brush-cutters and upwards. For gnarled bushes and thin tree trunks.

String Trimmer used for the Test:

Brands comparisonString trimmers heads & lines


Lawn Mower Repair

Lawn Mower Repair

Stu’s breakdown of the best STIHL Brush Cutter Blades is a landscaping game-changer. From tough grass to gnarled bushes, he puts each blade to the test with the FS 131R String Trimmer. Stu’s expertise and hands-on approach make this a must-watch for those in search of the perfect tool. Kudos for the insightful guide! visit:



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