SCAG Cheetah ll vs TORO 4000 Series - Review & Comparison

In-Depth Comparison: Toro vs. Skag Commercial Mowers

When it comes to selecting the right commercial mower for landscaping, the choice often boils down to comparing top contenders in the market. Today, we focus on a detailed comparison between two giants in the commercial mower industry: the Skag Cheetah II and the Toro 4000 series MyRide model. Both mowers are equipped with robust engines and promise efficiency, but how do they truly stack up against each other? Let's delve into their features, performance, and overall value to determine which mower stands out.

Overview of the Competing Models

Skag Cheetah II

The Skag Cheetah II is designed for heavy-duty commercial use, equipped with a 38 horsepower EFI Kawatake motor. Known for its durability, the mower features Skag's traditional spindles and the Velocity Plus deck, which is acclaimed for its cut quality. A significant design element is its coilover shock underneath the seat which lends some suspension, enhancing the comfort somewhat, albeit in a limited motion towards the front.

Toro 4000 series MyRide

The Toro 4000 series features a 31 horsepower Kawasaki engine and boasts the MyRide suspension system, integrating three coilover shock absorbers to significantly enhance shock absorption during operation. This model is also noted for its robust design with larger front and rear tires that contribute to its stability and ease of operation across various terrains.

Performance Testing and Analysis

Speed and Comfort in Operation

Both mowers offer a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour under mowing conditions, but the Skag Cheetah II also includes a transport mode that can reach up to 16 miles per hour. However, the practicality of such high speed in a commercial mowing scenario is debatable, as it may not contribute significantly to efficiency or comfort.

During testing, both mowers were put through rigorous speed and terrain tests to compare their handling and comfort. The Toro stood out with its MyRide suspension system, which proved superior in handling bumps and providing a smoother ride compared to the Skag's more rigid suspension setup.

Mowing Performance and Deck Design

The cutting tests revealed that while both mowers perform well under normal conditions, differences emerge under stress. The Toro consistently handled higher grass density without bogging down, thanks to its efficient deck design that facilitated better grass discharge. On the other hand, the Skag struggled with grass discharge and experienced clogging, which impacted its performance.

Durability and Maintenance

The Skag mower employs a traditional spindle design that has been in use for years, suggesting reliability and ease of maintenance. However, during the tests, the Toro demonstrated a more effective handling of grass clippings and debris, suggesting that it might require less frequent cleaning, thereby reducing maintenance time and potentially extending the lifespan of its components.

Economic Considerations

Cost is a crucial factor for commercial landscaping businesses. The Toro 4000 series offers a lower initial purchase price and less expensive spindle replacements compared to the Skag Cheetah II. Additionally, the Toro's warranty terms are more favorable, providing a longer coverage period which adds to its value proposition.


After thorough testing and comparison, the Toro 4000 series MyRide mower emerges as the more compelling choice for commercial landscapers. It combines robust performance, superior comfort, and economic maintenance costs into a package that outperforms the Skag Cheetah II in several key areas. Landscapers seeking a reliable, efficient, and comfortable mower would find the Toro to be a superior investment. This analysis reveals that while both mowers hold their merits, Toro’s thoughtful integration of user comfort, efficient design, and better economic value gives it a noticeable edge in the commercial mowing market.

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