Busting Trailer MYTHS - BigTex 14LP vs 16LP - Complete Analysis and Comparison

Some people misread the numbers they see on their trailers. Whereas, some people don't even understand what those numbers mean. Regardless of which group you might fall in, this video with STU will help you understand everything about your trailers, so you could be more confident and educated about your product.

Join Stu, as he decodes all the myths around trailers and also analysis and compares the 2 best selling Dump Trailers on the market, The Big Tex 14LP and The Big Tex 16LP.

Products discussed in the video:

14LP Heavy Duty Low Profile Dump Trailer
- The 14LP from Big Tex Trailers offers ultra-low profile deck height to make loading and unloading easier than ever. Designed with the user in mind, this unit has an 8-inch I-beam frame.

16LP Super Duty Ultra Low Profile Dump Trailer
- This super duty model combines durable construction and premium features with a user-friendly, ultra-low profile for easy loading and transporting.


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