Busting Trailer MYTHS - BigTex 14LP vs 16LP - Complete Analysis and Comparison

Some people misread the numbers they see on their trailers. Whereas, some people don't even understand what those numbers mean. Regardless of which group you might fall in, this video with STU will help you understand everything about your trailers, so you could be more confident and educated about your product.

Join Stu, as he decodes all the myths around trailers and also analysis and compares the 2 best selling Dump Trailers on the market, The Big Tex 14LP and The Big Tex 16LP.

Unveiling the Truth: Big Tex Dump Trailers 14LP vs 16LP

When exploring the Big Tex lineup of dump trailers, particularly the 14LP and 16LP models, there's a common misunderstanding that needs clearing up. Many think the numbers "14" and "16" refer to the length of the trailers, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, these numbers signify the trailers' weight capacities, making a significant difference in their usage and capabilities.

Understanding the Models

The 14LP and the 16LP both have the same box size, but their capabilities differ substantially. The 14LP can manage up to 14,000 pounds, while the 16LP is designed to handle up to 16,000 pounds. This means the 16LP can carry about 31.80% more weight than the 14LP.

Cost Comparison

Price often plays a pivotal role in decision-making. The 14LP is priced at $12,499, making it a popular choice among buyers. On the other hand, the 16LP comes in at $15,499, which is a bit steeper but justified by the increased weight capacity and other enhancements.

Build and Design

Both trailers have robust builds, but the materials differ slightly to accommodate their respective capabilities:

  • The 14LP features a bed made of 10 gauge steel, thicker than many competitors. It's robust enough for many standard jobs but has its limitations under extreme conditions.
  • The 16LP steps it up with 7 gauge steel, which is considerably thicker. This model is ideal for heavier-duty tasks such as transporting concrete or large equipment.

Other Key Differences

Beyond weight capacity and build material, these two models differ in other crucial areas:

Axles and Weight Distribution

  • The 14LP has 7,000-pound axles, supporting a total of 14,000 pounds.
  • The 16LP’s axles are slightly stronger, at 8,750 pounds each, supporting up to 17,500 pounds gross weight.

Tire Quality

  • The 14LP is equipped with standard Grade E, ten-ply tires. These are adequate for basic needs but might require an upgrade if consistently loaded to maximum capacity.
  • The 16LP boasts more durable tires and a thicker, 3/8 inch heavy-duty rim, better suited for the increased load.

Maintenance and Longevity

Both models come with different hub types:

  • The 14LP features a grease-packed hub, common in lighter-duty trailers.
  • The 16LP includes a superior oil bath hub which runs cooler and generally lasts longer under heavier use.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Model for Your Needs

Both the 14LP and 16LP serve well in their rights, but choosing between them depends largely on your specific needs. If your work involves lighter materials and less frequent heavy loads, the 14LP offers great value and performance. However, for those regularly transporting heavier loads or requiring a more durable construction, the extra investment in the 16LP could be well worth it.

Remember, the right trailer not only adds efficiency to your tasks but also reduces wear and tear on your equipment, ensuring longevity and performance. Whether you choose the 14LP or the 16LP, Big Tex trailers are designed to meet a wide range of needs and ensure reliability across various applications.

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