Comparing 2 BEST ELECTRIC Walk Behind Mowers in 5 Minutes - 60V Recycler vs Super Recycler

Join Stu, as we embark on a quick video that unboxes and discusses the features of 2 of the best electric walk-behind mowers in the market right now. TORO 60V Recycler vs 60V Super Recycler.

(1) TORO 21” (53 cm) 60V MAX* Electric Battery Personal Pace® Super Recycler® Mower (21388):
The Toro Super Recycler series has a patented cutting technology where the Recycler cutting system creates Lawn Vitaimins™ out of your grass into ultra-fine clippings and then nourishes your grass.Take mowing creature comforts to the next level with FLEX Handle suspension, hassle-free maintenance, SmartStow®, and a 3-year full battery and 5-year full mower warranty.

(2) 22" (56cm) 60V MAX* Electric Battery SMARTSTOW® Personal Pace Auto-Drive™ High Wheel Mower (21466):
A mower that adjusts to you, with no knobs, no levers, no messing around. This beast comes with a 22" steel deck, Personal Pace Auto-Drive™, Vortex Technology™, 2-year full mower warranty mower and 3-year full battery.

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