Comparing 2 BEST ELECTRIC Walk Behind Mowers in 5 Minutes - 60V Recycler vs Super Recycler

Join Stu, as we embark on a quick video that unboxes and discusses the features of 2 of the best electric walk-behind mowers in the market right now. TORO 60V Recycler vs 60V Super Recycler.

Comparing the Toro 60V Recycler and Super Recycler Lawn Mowers

Welcome to our detailed comparison of two popular Toro electric mowers: the 60V Recycler and the 60V Super Recycler. Both models offer unique benefits designed to suit different lawn care needs. This post will break down their features, design, and performance to help you decide which mower fits your yard and maintenance style best.

Overview of the 60V Recycler

The 60V Recycler has been recently redesigned, incorporating a modern frame and wheel combination and an updated personal pace handle system, enhancing maneuverability and user comfort. It features:

  • Battery and Charging: It comes with a 6 amp-hour battery, sufficient to mow up to a third of an acre on a single charge. The standard charger, provided with both models, supports the battery which can be bought separately for $259.

  • Maintenance and Storage: The Recycler is self-propelled, requiring no cranking or oil changes, with minimal maintenance primarily involving blade sharpening. Its vertical storage option drastically reduces its footprint in your garage.

  • Mowing Capability: Equipped with a feature to switch between recycling or bagging the clippings by a simple lever mechanism. However, it lacks a side discharge feature—something still available in the Super Recycler.

Overview of the 60V Super Recycler

Touted for its durability and higher capacity, the Super Recycler is built with a cast aluminum deck and features an electric 60 volt battery motor. Its key characteristics include:

  • Enhanced Battery Power: This model includes a 7.5 amp-hour battery that offers longer run times suitable for larger yards. The larger battery accommodates more extensive use with a consistent energy supply.

  • Durability and Warranty: It boasts a heavy-duty chassis with a five-year warranty on the mower (three years on the battery). The robust construction ensures longevity and reliability.

  • Cutting and Disposal Options: The Super Recycler supports side discharge, enabling it to handle taller grass and ensuring cleaner cuts due to improved suction. It also offers a cutting height up to 4.25 inches, which is slightly higher than the Recycler's 4 inches.

  • Smart Stow Feature: Like the Recycler, this model can also be stored vertically, but includes additional handle adjustments for even more compact storage.

Price Comparison and Additional Considerations

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The Recycler is priced at $619, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to the Super Recycler, which sells for $799.

  • Warranty and Battery Costs: Despite its higher price, the Super Recycler's extended warranty and larger battery might offer better value for those with bigger lawns or more intense mowing needs. The battery alone, if purchased separately, would be $100 more than the one for the Recycler.

Both models support the smart stow feature, enhancing their appeal by offering convenience and ease of storage. They are designed to meet various user needs, whether you prioritize cost, mower longevity, or the ability to handle larger and tougher lawns.


When choosing between the Toro 60V Recycler and the 60V Super Recycler, consider the size of your lawn, your usual grass height, storage space, and budget. Both mowers promise emission-free operation and significant power, with differences that cater to specific user needs. The Recycler offers practicality and value for standard suburban lots, while the Super Recycler provides enhanced features for more demanding lawn care tasks.

For more details, specifications, and to make a purchase, visit the Toro website or your local dealer. Both mowers stand out in the electric mower market, combining environmental benefits with advanced lawn care technology.

Products Discussed In The Video

  • Toro 21” (53 cm) 60V MAX* Electric Battery Personal Pace® Super Recycler® Mower -  21388

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