Real People Try ELECTRIC MOWER for the 1st Time - TORO Revolution Grandstand

Watch REAL PEOPLE test and share their testimonies about the best Electric Stand-On Mower in the market. Join Chip, as he goes around town finding people to test the TORO Revolution Grandstand.

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Toro's All-Electric Grandstand Revolution: A Game-Changer for Landscaping

In the landscape maintenance industry, the arrival of innovative equipment often signals a significant shift in how professionals approach their daily tasks. Toro's latest offering, the all-electric Grandstand Revolution mower, is a testament to such innovation. This piece of machinery not only promises efficiency and power but also introduces environmental friendliness in a package that's hard to resist. Let’s dive into a hands-on look at this revolutionary mower, featuring real-world tests by landscaping professionals.

First Impressions and Design

The Toro Grandstand Revolution stands out immediately due to its fully electric design. It shuns the typical gas-powered engine for a cleaner, quieter electric motor, boasting an impressive 50 horsepower. The absence of a traditional engine reduces weight, making it feel lighter than its counterparts, which translates into easier maneuverability and less stress on lawn surfaces.

What's truly appealing about this mower is its design. While still a prototype, the mower feels finished with a sturdy build and fewer movable parts compared to standard mowers. Despite being early in its production phase, Toro has delivered a prototype that looks and feels ready for the market.

Real-World Performance

The true test of any landscaping equipment lies in its performance. To gauge this, a landscaper who usually uses Toro products had a firsthand experience with the Revolution. The major takeaway was the mower's speed and power, which did not compromise the quality of cut, thanks to its sharp blades and robust build. Its electric nature meant no fuel odors or noise, making the mower environmentally friendly and less disruptive, which is a significant advantage for residential area operations.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the Revolution is its ease of use. It sports a simple startup procedure: turn on the ignition, wait for the clicks, and it’s ready to drive. This ease extends to its operation, where its responsive controls allow for precise mowing, crucial for avoiding damage to the grass during turns. Landscape professionals noted the intuitive control layout, which mimicked the familiar feel of traditional mowers while offering quicker responsiveness.

Environmental and Operational Benefits

The environmental benefits of using an electric mower are clear: no emissions and reduced noise pollution. For businesses, these factors translate into potential access to customers with eco-friendly mandates. Furthermore, the lower noise allows landscapers to start work earlier or extend their working hours without disturbing surroundings, a notable advantage in urban environments.

Durability and Professional Feedback

Durability is often a concern with new technology, but the Grandstand Revolution dispels fears with its solid construction. The mower’s design allows for less mechanical wear and tear, thanks to the elimination of belts, spindles, and pulleys that are prone to breakdowns in gas-powered models.

Feedback from professionals who tested the mower was overwhelmingly positive. They were particularly impressed with the battery life, which easily supports a full day's work without needing a recharge. Moreover, the powerful motor handled dense and tall grass with ease, a critical requirement for commercial landscaping tasks.


Toro's Grandstand Revolution represents a significant leap forward for landscaping technology. It combines environmental sensitivity with the power and reliability needed to handle rigorous landscaping tasks. With such technology, Toro is not just selling a mower; they're offering a new standard for the industry that addresses both operational efficiency and environmental conservation. As this mower moves from prototype to production, it stands to revolutionize not just how landscapers work, but also how they impact the world around them.

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