Recycler vs Super Recycler


In the latest edition of Reviews with Main Street Mower, Chip takes on the most popular debate that every landscaper has had at least once in their lives. The TORO Recycler vs the Super Recycler.

Join us, as we compare these 2 mowers, and talk about their Features, Cut Quality, Warranties, Handles, Wheels and most importantly their relevance in your work.

Products in the Video:

- 22" (56cm) TORO Recycler Mower (21462)
A mower that adjusts to you, with no knobs, no levers, no messing around. Grab the easy-to-steer handle, engage, and go - with Personal Pace Auto-Drive™. The Vortex Technology™ provides an amped airflow that requires less energy to cut more grass into teeny-tiny, clumpless clippings.

- 21” (53 cm) Super Recycler Mower (21386)
This hungry herbivore is a wiz at helping protect the earth, reducing your water and fertilizer use with the Super Recycler®'s Cutting System. Superior mowing comfort with FLEX Handle™ suspension and hassle-free maintenance. Store your Toro practically anywhere in your garage or shed with SmartStow®.

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