Brand New STIHL MS 182 Chainsaw - 1st Ever Unboxing!

Unveiling the New Stihl MS 182 Chainsaw: A Game Changer in Power and Design

Welcome back to our latest review where we're excited to introduce the new Stihl MS 182 chainsaw. Freshly upgraded and packed with new features, this model promises enhancements over its predecessor, the MS 181, yet remarkably stays at the same friendly price point. If you're in the market for a robust and reliable chainsaw, stick around as we dive into what makes the MS 182 stand out.

First Impressions and Unboxing

Straight from the box, the MS 182 catches the eye with its sleek design and sturdy build. Stihl has always ensured that their chainsaws are ready to run from the moment you purchase them, a practice that not only saves time but ensures safety and performance right from the start. This attention to readiness and customer care is something we’ve come to expect and appreciate from Steel.

Key Upgrades and Features

Enhanced Power and Performance

Among the most significant upgrades is the MS 182’s power boost. Now equipped with a 2.2 horsepower engine, it surpasses the MS 181's 2 horsepower—a noticeable increase that promises more efficient cutting. Whether you're dealing with thick logs or challenging materials, this extra power will definitely make a difference.

Cutting-Edge Design

The MS 182 isn't just about power; it also flaunts a pro-series look with newer, smoother lines, making it not only efficient but also a great-looking tool. This model comes with a newly designed Stihl light bar that enhances its overall appeal and functionality.

Improved Handling and Safety

Safety and ease of use are at the forefront with the new master control lever, a feature also seen in the newer model MS 162. This intuitive control automatically returns to the 'Run' position after the saw is turned off, ensuring that it's ready to start without needing to adjust the settings. Plus, metal bumper spikes are now part of the design, aiding in better log handling and maneuverability during cuts.

Vibration Reduction System

For those who use chainsaws regularly, vibration can be a real concern as it affects comfort and control. The MS 182 addresses this with an updated vibration reduction system, helping to extend usage time without fatigue.

Comparative Analysis with Predecessors

Putting the MS 182 side by side with its predecessors, the MS 180 and MS 181, highlights the advancements Stihl has packed into the new model. All models share the same 31.8 CC engine size, yet the MS 182's enhanced horsepower and features push it ahead in terms of performance. Not to mention, it now supports a larger gauge 50 chain, providing options for more demanding cutting tasks without a loss in power.

Performance Test and Verdict

On testing, the MS 182 stands out significantly against the MS 180 in a head-to-head on basic power and usability. It's slightly heavier, primarily due to the added features and increased power, but the trade-off is well worth it for the enhanced performance.


The Stihl MS 182 chainsaw represents a significant step forward in the consumer chainsaw market. With its robust design, increased power, and user-friendly features at the same price point as its predecessor, it offers great value for both seasoned users and newcomers. For those who prioritize performance, safety, and design in their tools, the MS 182 is definitely worth considering. Ready to upgrade your chainsaw? The MS 182 is available in stores now, and it's a purchase you're unlikely to regret. Happy cutting, and stay safe!

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